What Makes Good Sushi?

Top grade sushi requires top grade rice prepared properly; washed, cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time, then cooled before being seasoned. At Satori We use a mixture of two different Japanese rice types, one short grain and one long grain to create our special consistency and texture.

Seasoning. The sushi vinegar recipe differs in different Japanese restaurants. At satori we keep our balance tasty but subtle - not too sweet, not too salty and not too sour. Umami.

Best quality fish. Sushi is not supposed to have a fishy smell; if it does, it was either thawed improperly, or has been around for too long.

Colour. If the tuna is too red it is most likely dyed or treated with carbon dioxide which produces redness in the fish to make it appear fresher than it is. If the salmon is too pale then it was probably kept in the freezer too long. At Satori we only buy fish from suppliers who supply the freshest sushi grade seafood with no additives or treatment. All our fish is from sustainable sources, therefore items such as bluefin tuna do not appear on our menu.

The cut. Our sushi chefs spend around 30 minutes everyday sharpening their handmade sushi and the longer sashimi knives using a traditional whetstone to keep their cutting edges razor sharp. We never use an electric sharpener as it destroys the cutting edge. The pieces should be cut evenly and in a smooth motion, never so chunky and thick that you cannot taste the rice. Sushi is not supposed to be bulk food, it should have finesse.

Freshness. This is often a matter of interpretation, if the sell by date has not expired therefore it must be fresh – right? Wrong. Besides the fish starting to lose its freshness after it is cut, the rice will begin to dry and the seaweed loses its crispness as it absorbs moisture from the rice. Using cardboard boxes instead of recyclable polymers accelerates this process. In Japan, sushi is never served in moisture absorbing containers because it would result in sushi that is not at its optimum when consumed.

The best sushi bars in Japan are those where the customer sits opposite the chef and is given the sushi one piece at a time. At Satori we make your sushi to order only and delivered to your door within 20 minutes of it being made. No ready made boxes at Satori!