Satori established its first restaurant in 2003 in the Rotunda in Kingston, and then in Knightsbridge and Bentalls with open kitchens offering the best of Japanese cuisine, concentrating on sourcing of produce, training and freshness whilst avoiding the central kitchens so typical of restaurant chains. All food and sauces have always been prepared from raw ingredients on site and in every kitchen.

At Satori we believe in optimum freshness, this is why we do not sell readymade boxes.

In our quest for freshness and reaching more customers, satori has embarked on a revolutionary new idea; Satellite Kitchens. These are kitchens we have installed in different areas of London so that we can freshly make and deliver your food to your door within 20minutes; that's quicker than most restaurants would take to serve you from their kitchen to your table!

In keeping with the tradition of our open kitchens, we have taken this idea one step further and installed cameras for live broadcasting from each kitchen so that you can see our chefs preparing your food as you place your order.